Allow me......

to introduce myself

The voice of a lovely piece of jewelry is powerful and versatile. It may represent a special memory or connection, provoke an emotion. My emotion piece is my father's wedding ring; after he passed away I found his ring and wear it to this day. For me, it embodies him.

I've enjoyed jewelry design and creation for years, always coming back to it time and again as the path I'm meant to follow. Merging natural elegance & creative energy to create one of a kind artisan jewelry is a joyful experience. I find inspiration for my designs from many sources: wildlife, nature, quirky patterns and textures found in surprising places, geometry, symmetry, and layers....anything can be an inspiration!

I love both turning my own inspiration into a unique piece of jewelry or having the honor to tune in to and work with my customers on an emotion piece for them. A special privilege is to work with your pets; animals have been a constant in my life as a source of love, comfort and inspiration. Turning that into a symbol with a deep meaning that will be treasured is a wonderful gift to give.

Please browse about SilverDog and see what speaks to you. If you have a custom piece in mind or any questions, please read about the process here, view my portfolio of custom work here, and fill out the custom jewelry intake form here. Welcome and thank you for visiting!