Dog Love

Dog Love

Custom Jewelry work is an especially fulfilling and fun part of what I do. As a lifelong dog (and cat) lover, it made sense to me to incorporate my best buddies. And so I did. Axl the Malinois and Fuji the Pug became charming (and shiny) jewelry pieces.

And then came more....

Shortly after making my Axl necklace, a fellow artist saw it and was taken with it.....and so Beamer was made.


And then came a few more pups.

A perfect gift

My little dog


a heartbeat at my feet.


Edith Wharton

Custom jewelry pieces are very personal, intimate, meaningful. Pets hold a special place in our hearts.   The creation of a personal memento in honor of a beloved companion is a special gift to give.

It's a pleasure to work on custom pieces; click here to see a few other pieces. And please contact me here with any ideas you have and we will make it happen!

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August 29, 2018

What a treat to hear your story! And what a gift to others that you create special and meaningful keepsakes for others. Thank you!

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