Custom jewelry design is personal and emotional. Your vision and your passion guide the project. Communication every step of the way ensures that your custom jewelry piece reflects the emotion and meaning you've shared.

If you are intereted in a custom piece please complete the Custom Jewelry Form and I will be in touch with you. For more information on the process of creating your piece, please see below. And, visit my custom portfolio for some examples!

SilverDog Jewelry Custom Jewelry Process

Design: Custom work is inspired by translating your vision and passion into a piece. I interpret that within my artistic scope to create that piece. Please look at the body of work on my site for an idea of my style and technique. Every piece is handmade by me, using traditional metalsmithing techniques.

Materials: Custom designs are created in sterling silver, either sheet sterling or metal clay. The choice depends on the project and, if the choice is warranted, your preference.

Beginning: Starting is easy; just get in touch! You can fill out the custom jewelry form, email me through the website or contact me through Facebook Messenger in the little blue box down below. Let me know what you are feeling; what you would like to create a keepsake for. I'll get back to you shortly and we go from there; the more information you can share the better. We can discuss our project via Zoom online, through email or text or by phone. There is no charge for these initial brainstorming sessions. I start the process with sketches of your idea; as we get a better picture the piece starts to take shape, with all the elements involved; metals, gemstones, style, size. When we've created your vision, I'll provide a quote for your piece.

Payments: When you are happy with the initial design, a 50% deposit of the total price is necessary to begin. At this point the design is firm and changes cannot typically be made. Once the piece is completed, the second half of the payment is necessary.

Middle: Every step of the way I share information with you, including photographs so you see the progress as your piece takes shape.

End: Once it's done and final payment is received, it's shipped! All packages are shipped insured, and also requiring signature unless you request otherwise. You'll receive tracking information so you know when to expect it.

Timing: Project time is generally 3-5 weeks, although that can change depending on time of year and a number of other factors. Once we begin our process I will let you know what the timeframe is at that point.

Follow-up: I will follow up with you upon receipt; I appreciate reviews very much! If you have any questions or issues we will figure them out together.

Ready to turn your vision into a keepsake? Complete the Custom Jewelry Form and I’ll get back to you right away. Feel free to upload photographs of your model if we will be honoring your beloved pet.

View my custom portfolio here.