No boundaries! The Freeform Collection follows no rules, conforms to no norms. This series of pieces are unplanned and spontaneous, much like life.


There are so many vibes but the natural ones are the best. All the different ways to capture the beauty of nature, and these are just a few. This collection strives to bring a breath of that beauty to share and wear.


Silhouettes, shadows, reflections. There's a fascinating depth to images seen through a camera lense. This collection of sterling silver etched from original photographs showcases the wide variety available in that depth depending on the light.....

Please Note:  

If a product is out of stock, it is still will be handcrafted just for you! Message me HERE, through the Messenger app on each page or through the shopping cart.


My collection of custom pieces to illustrate the possible.  

Click the pics, some of them have stories!