Adam's Red Lotus Pendant

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This lovely pendant celebrates the lotus shape and combines that with the lovely  texture etched into sterling silver and created by the Adam's Red painting.  A rough-cut ruby adds a further layer of texture and interest.  A truly versatile jewelry piece that dresses up casual life beautifully and complements dressy occasions with style.  20" chain length.

"Adam's Red:  Seemingly chaotic movements converge in rays of interconnectedness.  Circular beams of yellow are contained within shaded darkness. Grounded on eart yet surrendered to the one suggests a depth of unity below the surface."

The swirls of Adam's Red lend themselves naturally to fabulous designs.  The Adam's Red Lotus design was created in conjunction with the book, "Transforming to Joy" by Lisa Frechette.  

Collections: Essence Collection, Pendants

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