The Cats! The Cats!

(Originally printed at TokolonJewelry on 04 April 2013)

We have two cats. Liam and Noah. They're not actually related although they sort of look alike and I tell them they're brothers.

We have two cats. Liam and Noah. They're not actually related although they sort of look alike and I tell them they're brothers.


You already met Liam. . He likes to sit on the desk and lean on me when I'm there.

Liam was a tiny, sickly kitten when I adopted him from the kitty rescue folks. He fit in the palm of my hand. I had to give him baths for his weird skin issues and put salve in his left eye, which was infected. We both survived, although I had my doubts. When Liam came home I lived alone with the best dog in the world, Rhodesian Ridgeback Zac. Liam soon owned me, Zac, the house, and all soft surfaces including Zacs dog bed. We would come back from a walk to find 4 lb Liam sitting in the middle of 90 lb Zacs dog bed. Triumphantly.

Zac passed away unexpectedly in January of 2009 and that left Liam in charge, sort of. He liked being an only cat. Little did he know.


Ayear or so later I met my husband. Since we lived an hour apart for over a year, he used to spend weekends at my house. After a while he would bring his dogs, both girls, a boxer and a pug. Yes, they're really cute together.


Pretty much Liam's reaction. So a few baby gates later, they finally got to know each other and stopped being hysterical. And after moving in together, some ups and downs, some downs worse than the ups like the month long leaping-off-the-walls-and-living-under-the-bed period that we all endured, they got along. That happened after a dog bath. I'm not sure if Liam thought the happy, frisky dogs running full-tilt towards the treat closet he was innocently sitting in front of at the time were, in fact, playing him for a fool all along and actually going to kill him now or if they smelled clean and fresh and totally alien. To this day dog baths upset him.

And all was well. The cat was still the only cat and lord of the cat manor, so to speak.

And then we went hiking in Tennessee. This involved bringing our menagerie to a local kennel, a family run kennel where they treat their guests really well. This was our first time there and upon opening the interior door, there was a cat sitting on a small table. And I, never one to think before I speak, said, "Oh, he looks like Liam!" And the kennel owner said..."That's Tommy, do you want him?"



So we went to the kennel with three animals and came home with four. Noah, formerly known as Tommy, is Liam's lookalike but with long hair. This makes him look very round, like the B. Kliban cat. They get along very well. Noah's habitat was next to Liam's at the kennel and apparently he showed him the ropes and they became friends. The dogs accepted him because, really, one more cat just means more opportunities to hopefully eat cat food.

Usually Liam gets the jump on Noah, from around a corner most of the time.


But then Noah turns on his devil-eyes and gets all scary!


And then there is always the unsuspecting innocent, about to get trounced.


This is actually how Noah spends most of his time.


And for the most part, they do get along.


So those are the cats. They are aloof, playful, funny, and good company, good entertainment and we wouldn't trade them for anything.