16 November 2019

Handcrafted expressions in metal. My slogan! But why metal? Why not beading, knitting, crochet, something easier? That doesn't involve saws, shears, files, flames, grinding, polishing, polishing, polishing? (Not a typo. It feels like I spend years polishing). And blood. Occasional blood, but still.

I don't know. But I'm drawn to this art form like a moth to a flame. It comes naturally, with minimal effort. Well, lots of effort, ok. I've always loved tools, equipment, stuff. I always wanted to drive a forklift, too. That hasn't happened yet.

There's unlimited potential for creativity, different designs, adding stones, enamels, colors, contrasts. There's the fun of creating something that's not only recognizable but pretty, fun, stimulating, meaningful. There's the pleasure of doing a live show and getting feedback from customers. There's the boost of selling a piece and knowing that creation made a connection with somebody. There's a happy feeling to adding what I hope are pretty pieces to people's lives.

We adorn ourselves with jewelry to make statements. To add beauty or interest, to complement or contrast, to attract or distract. When I look at the large collection of pieces I've created, each of them has some meaning, resonates in some way for me. Each of them was inspired by a beautiful thought, emotion or sight. I can only hope that the happiness with which they're created travels with each of them and is shared.

All of the above applies! Or maybe I just like shiny stuff. But either way is okay.