18 February 2013

Time is such an issue. Finding time to get it all done. Yet achieving a good balance. Renewing my jewelry business has brought a whole new world of stuff to do. Blog, Tweet, Stumble, Facebook, Linked-in, Tumblr, all to promote a website that has to be maintained, updated, worked. And then, of course, be inspired and creative and fresh and fabricate new stuff which is the point of all of this and yet is so difficult to find time to do. And then all that creativity and inspiration lead me to new stuff to try out, like adding glass into the mix. And photography! OMG, taking pictures of shiny stuff is not only really hard but really time-consuming. And then, also, do a few shows here and there to build more of a following.

Aaargh, it's not easy. Especially fitting it into a life that already has a job, and trying to fit in relationships, running, working out, cooking, cleaning, and all the other stuff that one has to do in order to maintain. I'm incredibly lucky, though.


This is Liam. As I write this he helps by hanging out on the desk. Occasionally he'll bump his head against me and just lean into me for however long it lasts. He's very sweet. So that's one way I'm really lucky, I get cat love while I work.

So I clearly have to sit myself down and make a schedule that fits everything neatly into the day, sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. The schedule will include creative time in the shop, time to write hopefully four or so blog posts a week, time to keep up with all the groups on Linked-In, emails, creative outlets, and all the new stuff that I'm sure I'll discover in the near future. And then I have to find the discipline to stick to the schedule because, haha, attention span is short for me. But another reason I'm really lucky is that I have the opportunity to do this at all. And I think I'm even luckier because I realize this and appreciate it every day. I'm having fun with this and plan to keep having fun.