Wonderful Weekend

02 October 2013

It's Sunday morning as I write this and it's been a wonderful weekend already. Yesterday was totally unscripted. The plan was to stay home and work on home projects, but I bumped that plan after a haircut on Friday morning. My favorite ever hair stylist and all around neat person, Stephanie, just opened her own shop.

Stephanie is brilliant and creative with hair, especially my crazy hair. She's opened a charming shop in Towles Artist Colony, a little spot I had heard of but never visited. It's a lovely little space, light and airy and just like her. I am so happy for her and it gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get into my studio and put thought into action. I made the first in a line of these:


as a gift for her. And I was so impressed with her shop and the area that I brought Joe back to see it Saturday morning.

Then we wandered around the Farmers Market on main street, which was packed full of people and dogs! There were so many dogs, it was amazing. All well-behaved and happy. The entire area was busy and bustling, so nice to see so much activity. It was wonderful energy. We walked the entire market, then went to Starbucks for some energy and passed these guys:


who were playing outside of Whole Foods. They are The Garbagemen. They're a local Sarasota band who use recycled garbage to make their instruments. Their guitars are made out of cereal boxes, their drums are garbage cans/lids and they are lots of fun and very good. They have a CD which is for sale and benefits The Heifer Organization, a personal favorite of mine. Worth checking out at www.thegarbagemen.com.

On the way back to our car, Joe spotted an over-sized pair of hair-cutting shears at The Tube Dude, who just opened a shop on Main Street. He loved them, so we brought them to Stephanie as a salon-warming gift. And from there, we started looking for wig clips. We don't wear wigs, but I'm trying to find the best attachment for a hat band decoration. I'm in the process of making this:


which is a gift for Joe. (He already knows about it...he received it as a gift in progress since I was looking for his resourceful input). It is now a gator head on a brass background, just waiting for its perfect attachment. Wig clips sounded like the perfect solution and googling sent us here:


to The Glass Slipper, which is a costume shop. I'd never been in a costume shop, they have everything! It was so interesting but unfortunately no wig clips. I did find them at Sally's Beauty Supply but they won't work due to the curve. I think I have a solution, but until I know for sure I'm not saying anything!

From there we went to pick up our glass. Last Saturday (see previous post) we went to The Sarasota School of Glass for a basic glass course.


It was wonderful, we had so much fun and learned a lot. After firing in the kiln, our pieces were ready. I made:


a plate of purple swirls enhanced with black touches. Joe made


a gator bowl! Of course. They both are beautiful, the pictures don't do them justice at all. I've thought of so many applications I can work into jewelry with glass work that I know I'll be spending some time there!

Assorted trips to Home Depot and Lowes followed as we get ready to finish our bedroom shelves. That's the plan for today and right now Joe is cutting steel supports. This may be a whole nother post, who knows!